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Woke to pain early in the morning, around 1:30AM. Felt the onset of a gout attack in my left ankle and foot. Apllied the cream and went back to sleep. Got up around 8AM and the pain had diminished slightly. Applied the cream again and by late afternoon, around 3 PM, the pain had decreased significantly. Did one more application of thecream and by bedtime the symtoms and pain were completely gone.

Mack Williams

My husband was recently correctly diagnosed with Gouty Arthritis... He was in anguish and yet we were reluctant to start him on pain meds due to side effects and possible addiction concerns. I am not one that trades off one seemingly awful side effects to gain a life threating one. Anyway my nephew told me about cherries and I googled gout and cherries and your articles were most helpful. i perused all of the available cherry products out there and decided to give yours a try. It arrived in nothing flat and we began my husbands regimen... This has helped to control and diminish his pain and is increasingly causing the pain to subside almost entirely! Great product and most helpful information! Kudos! We will stick with you!

Mary Vanell

I bought this product in hopes of preventing future gout attacks. 65 yrs old and only had 2 attacks in last year (or ever) but this is not something I care to repeat. It has only been a couple of weeks and I can't really speak to the prevention of gout aspect, but i HAVE experienced a VERY pleasant side effect of taking this supplement. It has GREATLY reduced the arthritis in my hands, knees and other joints. I am able to walk and work pain free for the 1st time in quite a while. If there were 10 stars available, I would award them to this product and will happily purchase again!

Chuck Gritton

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